Ambassador Team

The U-VOL Ambassador Team is comprised of a diverse group of volunteers from around the world who are willing to use their time, energy and resources to help raise both funds and awareness for U-VOL’s programs. We are always looking for those who are passionate about serving underserved communities and about advocating for improved access to medical care, health education, wellness and clean water to join this team. If this is an opportunity that you might be interested in, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out the Ambassador Interest Form here.

Ife Adeyemi

Texas, USA

Ife Adeyemi returns for her second year on the Ambassador Team as a Lead U-VOL Ambassador. Ife is an experienced ICU and Pediatric Nurse that currently works in Travel Nursing. She plans to resume a post-baccalaureate program soon to embark on her dream of one day becoming a Medical Doctor. She has always been fascinated by Global Health organizations, and desires to use her profession in healthcare to serve nations globally. Ife is also an active member of her church and has a talent of playing the drums. Her hobbies include exercising, reading books, trying new foods, and traveling. Support Ife’s Fundraising Campaign here.

Jasmine Carver

Washington, USA

Jasmine is a Senior Ambassador for U-VOL Foundation. She currently works as flight attendant with Alaska Airlines, and as caregiver for those with special needs. She also serves as an adaptive tennis coach for children with Down’s Syndrome and other special needs. Jasmine has previously served as a non-medical volunteer with U-VOL Foundation multiple times since 2018 in Nigeria, South Africa and across the United States. Passionate about sharing God’s love with her community and helping others, Jasmine returns to the Ambassador Team for a third year . Support Jasmine’s Fundraising Campaign here.

Jonathan Ogbogu

California, USA

Jonathan is a second year Ambassador with U-VOL. He’s currently studying a University of California, Riverside as a Medical Student. He recently served as a health education intern in his local community and is passionate about mentorship because he’s had a positive experience with mentors who helped him succeed in his own journey. His hobbies are playing basketball and watching a good soccer match! As a U-VOL Ambassador, Jonathan hopes to help U-VOL increase access to medical services in medically underserved communities. Support Jonathan’s Fundraising Campaign here.

Arnold Tariga

Massachusetts, USA

Arnold is a Registered Nurse Educator, PhD holder and professional development advocate. He is currently the Director of Clinical Education and Development at Insight Global Health. He is very passionate about helping others achieve their full potential through mentorship and professional development guidance. He is a volunteer mentor at Sigma Theta Tau International and Braven. Arnold has also volunteered in many causes related to nursing education and medical missions. He hopes to inspire other nurses and healthcare professionals to give back to their communities through volunteerism. He enjoys traveling and exploring places, meeting people, and learning about different cultures. Support Arnold’s Fundraising Campaign here.

Oluseun Oladipo

New York, USA

Seun works as a Registered Nurse in an Emergency Department within New York City. She is passionate about social justice advocacy, global health, and pediatrics. Her hobbies include dancing, reading, discussions on pop culture, and the outdoors. One of her professional goals is to be able to serve on an overseas medical mission trip in an advanced practice nursing role. Seun hopes to get more involved in Global Healthcare advocacy as a U-VOL Ambassador in order to help make a change, because she has seen firsthand how a lack of access to care really affects communities. Support Seun’s Fundraising Campaign here.

Adeola Folorunso

Saskatchewan, Canada

Adeola has been a Registered Nurse for over a decade and has worked both in Nigeria and Canada in various domains of nursing including direct patient care, administration, and research. Originally from Nigeria, Adeola now resides in Saskatchewan, Canada. She is currently pursuing a dual program in Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Masters in International Public Health (MPH). Adeola is passionate about addressing various global health issues around Social Health Determinants and Sustainable Development goals(SDGs) in alignment with U-VOL Foundation’s mission and vision for underserved populations and hopes to fulfill her passions while serving as a U-VOL Ambassador. Support Adeola’s Fundraising Campaign here.

Gabrielle Dixon

California, USA

Gabrielle works as a Registered Nurse in Southern, California USA. In her words joining the U-VOL Foundation as an Ambassador was a “calling deeply rooted in my core values and beliefs”. Gabrielle strongly believes in the power of selflessness and outreach, driven by the inspiration of those who have dedicated their lives to the greater good. As a U-VOL Ambassador, Gabrielle is deeply committed to joining forces with others to help close the gap in access to quality healthcare for all. In her journey as an Ambassador, she aims to embody compassion, gentleness, and love, reaching out to all individuals regardless of their background or circumstance. Her hobbies include her daughters volleyball games, crocheting, hiking with her dog and gardening. Support Gabrielle’s Fundraising Campaign here.

Oluwafemi Amusa

Oyo State, Nigeria

Oluwafemi is a dedicated medical student with aspirations to pursue a Master’s in Public Health. He is passionately committed to addressing the intersection of mental health and public health on a global scale as a mental health wellness and whole being advocate. Beyond academics, Oluwafemi
finds solace and inspiration in reading books and listening to music. In his words, “U-VOL’s steadfast commitment to global healthcare and wellness, with a strong focus on mitigating healthcare inequalities, mirrors my own aspirations.” By collaborating with U-VOL as an Ambassador, Oluwafemi hopes to amplify the collective effort in fostering widespread health equity and well-being for underserved populations globally. Support Oluwafemi’s Fundraising Campaign here.