Ambassador Team

Ina Ochoche

New York, USA

Ina is a Software Engineer and works for a technology and services company focused on accelerating cancer research and improving patient care. He is a proud U-VOL Foundation Ambassador helping to raise both awareness and funds our our causes. His goal is to ensure his personal and professional growth are a direct catalyst for the growth of others. Join Team Ina.

Yvette Dimiri

Abuja, Nigeria

Yvette works at the intersection of media and technology for a seed-stage disruptor as a Project Manager. She’s passionate about Women’s issues and Internally displaced Peoples in Sub-Saharan Africa. Yvette is also a member of our Resource Team and is excited to now serve as an Ambassador to U-VOL Foundation. Join Team Yvette.

Jasmine Carver

Washington, USA

Jasmine is a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines. She is passionate about sharing God’s love with her community. She also serves as an adaptive tennis coach for children with Down’s Syndrome and other special needs. Jasmine has previously served as a volunteer with U-VOL Foundation and is now excited to serve as an Ambassador. Join Team Jasmine.

Queen Egiebor

California, USA

Queen is a Doctor of Public Health student. She is also the founder of Queen’s Corner, an inspirational and encouragement blog. Queen is excited about joining the Ambassador Team because she has a heart for providing care to underserved communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and hopes to combine both Public Health and Medicine to develop and reform health policies aimed at increasing access to quality healthcare. Join Team Queen.