Our Partners

It truly takes a village. We’re thankful for our partners that help us in fulfilling our mission both locally and across the globe.


MDF Instruments

MDF Instruments has helped to bring healthcare to millions of individuals through empowering over 200 teams of medical professionals who serve in over 90 countries. Learn more about how MDF is Crafting Wellness here.

Careismatic Brands

Careismatic Brands is an apparel company with a growing range of brands and products across the health and wellness spectrum. Learn more about their social responsibility and how they support health organizations like ours here.

Outreach Health

Outreach Health prides themselves in providing high quality home care solutions that focus on a healthier and happier outcomes for the communities they serve. Learn more about their services here.

Kroger Foundation Co.

Kroger Foundation Co. is Kroger’s private foundation dedicated to making a difference at the national, regional and local levels. Learn more about how they are lifting up their communities here.

Shafter Pediatrics

Shafter Pediatrics is a compassionate outpatient Pediatric care facility and an on going supporter of U-VOL Foundation’s mission. Find our more about the services they offer here.

Let’s build healthy communities together.