Sustainable Solutions

It’s estimated that over 800,000 people die each year from waterborne diseases caused by unclean water, inadequate sanitation, and poor hygiene habits. The majority of those affected are children in developing countries. In addition to health education, providing clean water and adequate sanitation is a greatly effective measure we can take in preventing infectious disease. U-VOL Foundation is committed to helping to provide clean water and to promote safe hygiene practices.

Freshwater Wells And Boreholes
U-VOL Foundation works with communities to install and rehabilitate hand-dug wells and boreholes. We also offer education and maintenance training to community members to ensure upkeep. Sponsor an entire Clean Water Project.

We help build proper latrines to help greatly reduce the spread of waterborne disease and prevent diarrhea, one of the leading causes of death among children.

Support Our Clean Water Hygiene and Sanitation Projects

Your donation gift can provide fresh water wells, boreholes, tanks, filters, latrines, hygiene training, and other essential measures to protect water sources and prevent the spread of disease in the communities we serve.

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